Festival Season Style

Festival season has officially begun my friends. The rest of the spring calendar is a nonstop whirlwind of campouts, dance music and exhaustion.  EMF 3 is next weekend (AGH!) and I can't stop daydreaming about the ultimate festival wardrobe.   Here are five items on my must have list for 2014 festival season (and every day life).  May the festivals begin!

1. A Wear Anywhere Dress

Festivals call for versatile wardrobe pieces. I need something that i can throw on, in my tent in one fail swoop and wont be constricting while i bound around all day and dance late into the night. plus props if it comes in a cool color and also looks great with your kimono.  I'm liking this printed one by ascot and hart

2. Festival Paint

I've been coveting these awesome metallic temporary tattoos by Flash Tat since I stumbled across them earlier this year. They are seriously cool.  I love the look of festival face paint, but I never find the right moment to sneak off in front of a mirror and paint my own face (it's much more fun to do someone else's) and the majority of paints start to smear when you sweat. Flash tats are the perfect solution for semi-permanent festival bling.  I can't wait to rock some at Euphoria (keep your eyes peeled for our very own dragonfly flash tat design roaming around the fest this year). 

3. Festival Blanket

This could really be any blanket, but I particularly like this Mexican Serape from Gunn and Swain in neon orange and magenta.  And I've mentioned before, you could also go for a large tapestry for easy packing.  Bonus for large ones that you can throw it over the top of your campsite for extra shade (and an easy to spot tent). 

 4. An Edgy Ear Cuff

This ear cuff by Brvtvs has me seriously swooning. So delicate and yet at the same time, not.  If only i had $150 to drop on a little piece of golden bling for my outer ear.  Instead I splurged on these custom high-fidelity plugs for my inner ear (and my future self is thanking me).  

5. A Beautiful Kimono

If i could lounge around all day long in a kimono I would.  Some people think they look like robes (I'm looking at you mom), but I think they are perfectly boho and beachy.  Arnhem has an amazing collection of dreamy kimonos and other festival wear.  I have the Arnhem Bowerbird Kimono in Sky Daydreamer and it is awesome. 


Have tips on what to wear for festival season? i'd love to hear them!


The West Coast Is The Best Coast

Last weekend Mitch and I flew out to Newport Beach to spend some time with my family and celebrate my cousin's nuptials.  We rented a house (the one in the middle in the photo below) right on the beach which worked out perfectly for our group because we could all come and go as we pleased.  The early mornings there were my favorite, drinking coffee and chatting with my parents, cooking breakfast once everyone woke up, laying around on big tapestry in the sand (I always pack this one because it's lightweight and big enough for multiple people) and taking long walks up and down the beach.  

One afternoon we rented one of those ridiculous four-person bikes and peddled our hearts out all the way down to the wedge at the tip of the Balboa Peninsula. Both mornings we walked down to the pier to watch the surfers bobbing around on their boards, waiting for the perfect break. 

The surfers in the Pacific ocean always remind me of seals - all slick in their black neoprene wetsuits, gliding over the waves.  One of the afternoons we spotted two whales and a pod of dolphins just out past the first break right in front of our house.  

All images by Ty Govaars for The Weekend Edit. See more on VSCO and Instagram

Split View Mountain Lodge in Norway

I stumbled upon this sweet Norwegian holiday home the other day and fell in love with the perfectly pitched rooftops covered in snow. The tall windows at each end of the lodge look out on the the popular ski town of Geilo in valley Hallingdal.  Each wing of the house has a little nook where you can bundle up in a cozy sweater after a day on the slopes, pour yourself a cup of tea and admire the flocked view.  

Photos ©Søren Harder NielsenCourtesy of Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter


Check In // San Giorgio Hotel, Mykonos

This gypset hideaway has been on my dream hotel Pinterest board for a while now.  The white washed walls, beautifully tiled floors and stunning views give the San Giorgio Hotel in Mykonos an effortless bohemian vibe. 

The details are everything here. Low-slung hammocks are draped poolside, colorful handblown glass pieces dot the rooms and vintage peacock chairs are nestled in corners. Grecian kombolói (worry beads) hang from the walls and sheer white mosquito netting cascades down from bedposts catching the vibrant natural light streaming through the windows.

My last stay at a Design Hotels™ project at Papaya Playa in Tulum was lovely.  Their modern bohemian pop up hotels attract an effortlessly cool crowd that breezes in and out - the kind of people that look chic by simply wrapping up in a sarong and putting on a touch of chapstick after a day in the sun. Artists, writers and other modern day creatives all mill about drinking cocktails, basking in the sun and photographing the sites with new friends. 

The San Giorgio Hotel has placed Mykonos back on the map for the fashionable cool-hunters of the world – those traveling for the feeling, the people and the experience.  

I've added this low-key beach outpost to my ever-growing wanderlist alongside the likes of Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, Alto Paraiso, Brazil and Northern Goa, India. See you soon, Greece. 

Images courtesy of San Giorgio Hotel

Beaches & Jungles of Costa Rica

A few years ago we visited the sleepy Pacific side of Costa Rica on holiday.  We flew into Liberia airport and stopped all the way down the coast in our rented 4x4. The little Jimmy took us across rivers and over mountain passes, withstanding every non-paved Central American road test we threw it's way.  Our first stop was Hotel Punta Islita way down on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.  From there we headed inland, making our way through Monteverde, Arenal, the cloud forest and ending in San Jose. Here are a few photos from our journey. 

Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia

When I first left for Australia in 2007, it was hard for me to grasp the enormity of the country.  Sure, people told me it was large and I had seen it on a map but it really don't think it sunk in until we were there.  It's like saying, oh yah, I'll cover the entire U.S. in a year.  Not impossible, but at the same time you would be constantly moving, never stopping, never fully getting to know a city or an area.  

We had one goal for the year we were there - to explore. Both Australia and everything else we could catch a flight to (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, New Zealand).  See as much as we could while still holding jobs that paid the rent (and for our travels).

One place on our hit list was Ayres Rock (Uluru).  The center of Australia intrigued me. I wanted to see the red dirt. huge rock formations, tumbleweeds and the feral camel (no dice). One of the few things my mom stressed to me before I moved to the other side of the world (aside from be careful) was how much my granddady enjoyed seeing Uluru.

So when it came time to book our trip to Alice Springs, even though the price of the plane tickets were shocking, I had to make it happen.  We booked our tickets, hostel nights, sunset & sunrise viewing of Uluru and our guided hike to The Olgas (Kata Tjuta). All in, it probably cost us $4,000.  More than we spent on 2 weeks backpacking in Vietnam - for only three days. But even now it was worth it. 

One huge travel lesson learned - never underestimate the ever changing temperatures of the desert.  Packing little more than a Gap stretchy hoody and a pair of jeans, I spent the entire trip using my pajama bottoms as a scarf and wearing every single other layer I had with me when it got dark.  

Here are a few of my favorites from the trip. We spent hours watching the rock colors change from red to orange to purple as the sun set.